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When Tiana finds herself house-sitting a mansion, she thinks her life is taking a turn for the better.
Little does she know the house is not what it seems… and neither are the two occupants who both wish to lay claim to her heart.

Contested ownership barely covers what's happening at The Crossroads.

The Crossroads is a light, romance-focused, supernatural visual novel.

It was made for the one month gamejam, NaNoReno 2017.
It will be quite a linear visual novel, with really only the romance scenes differing throughout- this is so I can actually manage to finish within the one month deadline!

Warnings: Suggestive adult content

> Character customisation which features in the CGs.

> ~41,000 words (about 1 hour)
> Two love interests
> Personality choices all the way throughout
> Three possible endings (though, only slight variations for each love interest- due to time constraints, unfortunately.)
> Just general fun and romantic lightness
> Unique Sprites, BGs, CGs, GUI


This visual novel was made mostly with fun and romance in mind, nothing too serious.

I hope everyone enjoys it :)

(Please note: I didn't get the chance to test this on Mac computers.)


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This is a short and sweet story, but I'm a little bit sad for the unchosen one at the end :'3

I'm not sure if I missed something but it seems like it's never really explained who sent the letters and who the lawyer is. Is everything that happens courtesy of these two men?

Thank you for such a pleasant experience playing this game! 


i feel like there should be lesbian options

Was not expecting that twist at all! Romanced Tristan and will replay again for Lucan soon.


I really enjoyed the plot so far!! I looove the two men (Lucan made me blush throughout his route ๑-﹏-๑) and I like how we can customize our MC! The romance did feel rushed, but there are reasons behind to it. The game is entertaining nonetheless ( ´ ω ` )

This was entertaining and I liked the plot and art! I picked Tristan, but due to my personality, my MC didn't get a happy ending. Sorry Tristan! lol, I'd need some more time to sort through my own feelings/hurt if i were the MC in that situation. If there's a way for the MC to help both of them, that would be wonderful but alas i suppose the universe isn't  fair.


I am not as enamoured of this game as I am of the developer’s previous game (The Lady's Choice, which is amazing), though the story itself was intriguing and I definitely recommend playing the game all the same.


I am pleasantly surprised to say I enjoyed Lucan’s route more than Tristan’s. It took time to see pass the glib flirtation, but it happened and it was good. In the end, I think that Tristan was far more comfortable in the house than Lucan, and he would be fine staying for a while longer. So, I didn’t feel too guilty choosing Lucan and leaving him there.


This game is so beautiful!! I got the freed spirits ending for both love interests and I have to say, I think I'm actually in love with Lucan. The plot and artwork is amazing, so well done! Thanks for making such a great game.


I really like this game. It was heartwarming and just delightful- I like the story, the art was amazing as well (as was expected from Seraphinite) and it was overall such a warm and charming experience. I got the "freed spirits" ending is Tristan's route, and it made me happy. I don't know how to describe that warm feeling I got while playing this- it felt like returning home. 

I liked the overall style, the character customization was really cool, and I just like this game a lot. Would definitely recommend~


To start off, I will say that I somehow got spoiled to the main plot twist of the game. Even so, I still really enjoyed the game, and it gave me a different perspective. I can also say because of that, there are sufficient hints throughout the game, so the plot twist is not out of nowhere. Each love interest has an ending, though the endings barely vary between the two love interests due to time constraints (this game was made for NaNoRenO 2017).

The game also has character customization. You can choose from three different skin tones and eye colors, four different hair styles, and to have freckles or not. These changes are represented in the CG’s, which was really nice. I am not a fan of the art style. Unfortunately, that meant I was not really attracted to either character. The art has noticeably improved since Diving Deep though.

Both guys are clearly flirting with Tiana, and it comes off as a bit weird since she is just some random girl they do not know. By the end, their flirting made enough sense to me, but the journey to the end made them seem desperate and horny.

Lucan is the suave player type, while Tristan is the laid-back guy. They butt-heads a lot due to their situation and conflicting personalities, and it did make me chuckle a few times. Neither were very memorable to me. However, both guys have nothing glaringly wrong with them, and I was happy with Tiana ending up with either.

Where the game really shines is the plot. While at first it seems like the plot is an excuse to throw Tiana into a house with hot men, it quickly becomes clear that there is something weird and dark going on in the house. Again, I knew what was going on, but I did not know why, just what. I was still deeply invested in figuring out exactly what was going on in the house and with the two guys.

I did Tristan>Lucan but it really doesn’t matter. Once you do one route, you will know the plot, so I’d say say do the guy you like more first that way the plot unfolds with him.

Definitely check the game out. This is a game where you play it for the plot over the love interests, though both of the guys are fine (and their arguing was entertaining lol).


I'm usually kinda reserved so when there wasn't much of a chance to build a friendship before someone became a romantic interest it made me want to deny them both for being forward so early lol. I think the game's beautiful and well made but not for me ig haha

loved the game 


Love the game but I wish there was a good ending for both of them. At the same time. Feels bad man. (Sorry if that was too spoilery)


I'm really glad I stumbled across Seraphinite's Tumblr and found this game. Nice work


I really enjoyed the game. Thank you.


*first glance reaction* is that Sam & Dean 

lol I thought so too xD

same i thought it was sam and dean 😭😭

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This game is incredible. The characters are so well fleshed out, I actually came to  develop feeling for them during my playthrough. I even teared at the scene where the MC walks out the house after knowing the secret, and RO is chasing her all the way. In fact, I spent half a day playing the game totally mesmerised in the universe you created.

I really like Lucan - his personality is intriguing. Too intriguing. But he seem less open and genuine compared to Tristan - and that breaks my heart. So do you mind sharing a little about the backstory of Lucan, why he puts on a mask and all. It would make me feel a little better. 


You and your team are genius. I love the story, the arts and the way you can pick the same answer but with different "behaviour" behind it.


I adore this game so much, I am so excited to finish the game. I adore both of the characters and find that is extremely hard to choose just one. The backgrounds, the art... it must've taken you so long and the results prove it. Truly a masterpiece! Fantastic job, Seraphinite! 


Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm really glad to know you enjoyed it :) It really gives me motivation to continue on with other projects!


Beautiful game with two wonderful love interests! I really love that the MC is customizable, too. I also adore the story, though I admit I always felt bad for whichever guy I didn't pick because I love them both.  :(

Weird question, but who is the composer for this version Dona Nobis Pacem? I've tried to find it for a while now, but I have not been able to.

Thanks so much <3


Hi :)

I had a quick check through and most of my music tracks came from dl-sounds.com or from Kevin McLeod- I'm not sure where that specific track came from (I kinda chose music if it sounded pretty and didn't look at the title! ^^; )

Hope you manage to find it!

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Okay... I can't help to notice that the plot is a bit cliche but nontheless dreamy romantic, and the choice to built or maintain the MC's character with convenient reply from Romance Interest helps that minor point; especially with those two hot opposite-character guys xD 

Also, the option of MC's appearance is trully appreciated ^^


I'm officially your #1 fan! I absolutely love this game. I loved Lady's Choice and thought I definitely  had to try this. You never disappoint. Keep up the good work!


Anyone else when playing cross roads think that the two guys in the game look like Sam and Dean from supernatural? XD (those are my nicknames for them lol) 


XD. I thought I was to. lololol

so glad I was not the only one. Aren't they just cute!? Like Sam and Dean :3

The funny thing is that the one that looks like Dean actually flirts and acts like Dean. XD and the one like same.....well I am just waiting for Lucifer to pop out and say "Hiya players I am lucy and i am in sammy wammys head XD"


Hello Seraphinite! I played your game yesterday and it was a lot of fun! I really liked how it was written, characters are realistic even if it is a game about spirits, and I enjoyed it a lot. You worked a lot for this game, we can see it, backgrounds are beautiful, and characters are gorgeous, the fact that there is a character customizer make me really happy, it's something I really appreciate (I use to play VNs without a character customizer and It makes me really frustrated ahah). The heroine is really interesting, there is a lot of decisions to make for a short game like this, it's  great to be able to play a character who can reflet our personnality, who isn't just naive and "childish".  Thanks for this game, I like it a lot, I'm going to start The Lady's Choice now ;)

(+ sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language :( But I felt like I needed to comment ahah)

What a lovely comment, thank you so much :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it. The character customisation was hard work, but worth it in the end!

(Your English is amazing, please never apologise for it. I couldn't string a word of another language together, so I'm really grateful you took the time to leave a comment in a language that isn't your native one! :) )


I am so, so appreciative of the character customizer! I rarely see characters with my coloring so it really touched my heart to be able to make a brown/brown/brown (ha!) toned main character. I liked that there were so many choices- the MC felt like a real person and I really liked the male leads. So customization + loads of choice + hot dewds ( :3 ) = 5/5  Thanks for making this game! 


I am so glad you liked the character customisation! It was something I was really looking forward to putting in, and it's nice to know it makes such a difference to people's experience with the VN :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment! It's really motivating to know you enjoyed it :D

This is such a sexy game, I wish Lucan was real

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Lucan was a lot of fun to write!


Hi Seraphinite, I play your games a lot and I absolutely love them, and have decided to try and make my own visual novel with a friend of mine. Seeing as how your games turned out so well do you think you can kind of give me pointers or help me with creating my own? I know you're probably very busy and might not want to help a person just starting out but any tips or advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for any trouble.


Oh wow, thank you so much for starters :D

Making visual novels is incredibly exciting and such a sense of accomplishment when they're done, I'm so glad you're deciding to give it a go!

My advice would mostly be to be organised and keep the length manageable. Also, try breaking everything into chunks or chapters, I find it much easier to work through smaller chapters, than try to blow through the whole thing in one go. Finishing a chapter gives you sense of accomplishment, and that you're moving forward, where as slogging through the whole thing in one go can feel a bit much at times.

Also, if you're really stuck on something, just move on. Move on to something you know you can finish, then come back to that thing later with fresh eyes and a fresh mind :)

And most of all- enjoy it! :D

I wish you the best of luck with your project! It really is worth it :)

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Okay so I created an account just to be able to comment.

It's my first time playing an otome (even though I've watched let's plays) and I want to say that... I absolutely loved it! Our character is really amazing and far from those air-headed, naive girls often found in other games. I really liked that there was only 2 characters to choose from, and having gotten the "Freed *******" (wouldn't want to spoil anyone ah) with both Lucan and Tristan, I can safely say that I'm totally prepared to replay it again to get all the endings! For such a short time you made something stunning!

P.S: I also want to say that I absolutely adore Tristan! Such a sweetheart, I feel like I fell for him two lines into the games ahah. And our character is really beautiful! I really apreciated the dark skin tones ^^


Oh wow, I'm so happy that you tried my otome as your first- and that you enjoyed it :D

I do like to make my MCs have a little more punch to them! Having the personality options is something I will always put into my VNs or interactive fiction :)

Tristan was a sweetie, definitely the more romantic of the two :D

Thank you so much for playing it and leaving such a lovely comment!


Lucan is a trip oh my gosh xD Another wonderful game! Congratulations ^^ I'll probably be back with more about my favorite parts when I finish >w<

Aah, thank you so much :D Lucan was a blast to write, it was nice just letting loose with a character!


I couldn't help but drop by with a little compliment on this lovely game~

What I loved most about this visual novel was that you could choose what to say- and you wouldn't have to worry about how it affected the ending that you got. In most visual novels, the protaganist is usually... naive and cute? and that's honestly becoming repetitive throughout choice-related games :/. However, this game completely took that idea and destroyed it, which I absolutely loved. Sometimes I wanted to be a flirt without worrying about the outcome, and most times I acted a little more mature, which let me stay true to my actual personality. This is was extremely refreshing, thank you so much for this <3.

I've played The Lady's Choice before (straying off topic, but my favorite was Amesbury) and I think you kind of ruined visual novels for me starting then haha. I've only completed one of Lucan's route so far (Freed Spirits Ending) and his personality was A plus, but I was actually hoping to kind of know him a little more? Something that could assure me that behind that flirty exterior there was some sob story; I'm a sucker for those. I'm on my way to conquer Tristian's heart too, wish me luck ^~^

Perhaps, is there a walkthrough of this? I assume there's three total endings for a character, and I would love to see the other endings without replaying the game all over again (though i wouldn't mind as much as it's really interactive)~ Thank you for the incredible experience and your hard work!


I'm so glad you've enjoyed the game :) Having different personality options and repsonses for the MC is something I really enjoy myself, so I always make sure to add it into whatever interactive pieces I am doing!

I wish I'd had more time to explore the personality and stories of each of the guys further, but a month was much shorter than I thought it was :D I had to cut out quite a bit to keep to the time limit of NaNo- though, I hope it was enjoyable even with that.

I haven't done a walkthrough, but there are three endings for each character- but they vary only slightly for each character, which is why I put that there is only 'three' endings in general for the game (another thing due to time constraints...).

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

A fun play! Everything about the game from the art to the GUI to the writing gave it a nice warm feeling. I loved getting to know both guys and was pleasantly surprised by Lucan. The character customization was a neat touch too! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment :) I'm glad you liked the guys- Lucan was fun to write, though I really wish I'd had more time to delve further into his personality!


New Seraphinite fan here.

I binge-played this game yesterday up to today and managed to finish the three endings. What I loved most about this game of yours is that the conversation of the player to the guys you talk to is very interactive. If you're spontaneous with your choices they'll tell you how capricious you are, or when you're pretty straight-forward they'll tell you about it in certain lines as the game progress. It almost feels like you're talking to a real person. It's fun to change courses with the choices because of it, that it doesn't feel like you're doing it all over again.

I so love the backgrounds that I wanted to screenshot them! If you don't mind me putting them as my wallpaper then, I'll better get right to the screen capture thing. The CGs were something I'm amazed for some time when it was shown that it does feature the appearance of the character as you chose it to. I'm still wondering even now how you were able to do that.

I heard at least three or four BGMs which did its job on giving the whole scenario a nice spring-like 'getting away'-vibe feeling. I cracked up when the guitar-shredding music cues in for the glorious debut of the guys.

And lastly, the guys. It's amazing that you managed to create those two with depth for such a short time. Lucan is my favorite; how he makes the heroine 'react' with his double-meanings which is such a comedic relief throughout his route. As for Tristan, he's like the unique bear you just can't wrapped your arms around without feeling uneasy about it.

All in all, I want to give this 4.6/5 stars. This game is amazing it saddens me that there's no neutral ending for it. I love both of the characters to be freed equally, not just one, but the circumstances being sensible.

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

The personality and dynamic conversations is something I really enjoy doing, and is something I will always endeavour to put into every interactive piece that I make! So, it's nice to know that it really is something people enjoy :)

(Sorry for the incredibly late reply, I've just come back from a long break).


I only played Lucan's route so far but, oh god I love your work so much. Any game you make I'll be sure to play and love. You're so good at this it hurts my heart. I literally loss my voice from screaming about how much I loved him and this game. Keep up the good work my friend. :)

Aah, thank you so much! :D Makes me smile so much to know you enjoy what I make! I'm looking forward to future projects, so I hope you will enjoy those just as much!

(Sorry for the horribly late reply, I've just come back from a long break).


What a charming little game.

Everything is really cohesive and polished, and honestly? I'm completely floored about what you've managed to accomplish in a month. It's nuts to me. Sure, there are some ideas I'd love to have been expanded on, but it's NaNo, I can hardly judge you for that, and it doesn't do anything to diminish just how DANG IMPRESSED I am.

Tristan is a real cutie, and I aboslutely loved the variety in personality choices throughout. Sometimes I like being sarcastic (also the sarcastic options were Funny), but sometimes the situation just doesn't call for it, so having varying options like that made it feel that oh, yeah, I can respond dynamically to the situation at hand. (I haven't done Lucan's route yet, but I'm going to after class.)

AND THE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION. I STILL APPRECIATE THOSE FRECKLES. (and can i just say, the MC's dress in the date scene looks amaaaazing? like, dang girl. my gay heart goes pitter-mcfreakin-patter.)

Gosh. I feel like I'm gushing, but you really deserve the praise.

One little thing I would have loved to see (and wouldn't have been a big addition) would be the MC ruminating on the house itself a bit. Like, particularly during lines where "and then time passed", it would have been a nice touch if she mentioned specific little quirks of the house. Say, oh, maybe the library has a lot of romance novels (which would make a lot of sense, for Reasons) or oh, she took a nap underneath one of the maple trees or something. Little specific details like that make the setting feel... fuller, I guess? Without going to a lot of effort. But hey, whatever, I'm sure you were PRETTY DANG BUSY doing other stuff.

like seriously, did you clone yourself??? how did you get this done.

good work. also, take a break, you probably need it after the craziness of the month lmao

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :D (And sorry for the incredibly late reply, I've just come back from break).

I'm really glad you enjoyed what was there- there was a bunch more I wanted to add, but a month really is shorter than I always think it is!

Definitely think the character customisation is something I would like to continue in all of my VNs in future if possible :)


Definitely not bad for a game made in that amount of time! I liked Tristan's route a lot more because I didn't feel like I really got to know Lucan. I just felt like we never really saw what was under his 'mask' and it was a bit ignored so he came off as just a flirt to me. Other than that, the art was super and it was fun for a short game!


I'm glad you liked Tristan, he was definitely the more romantic of the two. Lucan is... complicated, and it is a shame I couldn't explore him more of a character- just ended up running out of time :D


Another Seraphinite game! I can't wait to play <3


I really hope you enjoy it if you get to play! :D

I've played it a bit and like it so far are the guys brothers of sorts?


I'm glad you're enjoying it :) (Nice to know everything is working OK too!)

The guys aren't brothers, just housemates and colleagues... who really don't like each other :D

(1 edit)

ahhhhh Im just gonna call them sam and dean they look the part XD lol also i played Lucan's part (dean) on to Tristan (sam) XD lol

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