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Update- 15th December 2016

Amesbury's route is out now! Download the new version (2.0) to play his route!


Scandal. Gossip. Mismatches.
What will fuel this Season's gossip? And will you be able to keep yourself from being burned by it?

As the daughter of a Viscount, and heiress to a small fortune, you are invited back into society even after years of seclusion at your family's estate.
The upcoming Season is to be spent in Bath, your childhood friend having finally convinced you into it, and only the cream of society will be there. But the fickle and difficult dance that is weaving through society can be a tricky thing to remember, especially when they thrive on any small misstep you may make.

But which partner is selected to help guide you through the maze of the upper classes is always left down to The Lady's Choice.


The Lady's Choice is a light visual novel set in Regency times and will be route based.

The goal is to give the feel of a regency romance novel, but an interactive one!

Though it is a historical visual novel, it's not going to be completely accurate (for example, they didn't really have a Season in Bath). I have taken liberties because, well, I wanted to have fun with this rather than freak about every nuance of historical accuracy.

This was started for NaNoReNo 2016 gamejam.

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Published296 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, historical, nanoreno, Otome, regency, Romance, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer


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I love this game! Though I wish it had a gallery so that I can admire the CGs again and again :)

MONFORT IS BAE, I love Stantons route the most, a very well written game

I run a book blog, I would love to cover these on my site!

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Thank you for your perseverance in creating a wonderful game!

I managed to get the 'True Love' Ending in all three playthroughs which was a surprise to me.
Lord Stanton was my absolute favourite. The MC being very much her own woman and going against all society's conventions, especially when confronting not one, but several dangerous individuals in the name of justice

I was a bit cold for Mr. Amesbury and Blake was a bit boring to me, but that is probably because you had written such a great story for Lord Stanton.

I'm very much looking forward to future titles! I also particularly loved the soundtrack, especially the solo piano at the very last CG. (Best for Stanton)

<3 Much love from this player.

PS: I think Stanton's CG scenes were the best. Blake's looked a little deformed at times. Amesbury had the second best CG scenes.

And thank you for your lovely comment and support!

Stanton was definitely my favourite out of the 3 love interests (I know I shouldn't have favourites, but still...)

Poor Blake's route was a bit put under time-constraints, I think that's why some of his CGs are a bit off the mark. Hopefully I will get better at time management in future projects :D

I so hope you make more regency games - what a wonderfully addictive game.

I'm not working on any more Regency games for now, though I do have a new project underway. Hopefully it will be just as interesting though! :D

Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

is their going to be more updates?

There won't be anymore updates to The Lady's Choice- it's now a completed project :D Thank you so much for you interest!

I'M ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. During Amesbury route i fangirled everytime Monfort appeared and loved everything about this game. I would definitely like to see a route for Mr. Montfort if it doesn't trouble you. Looking forward to it ~

If I can create an addiction to one of my games, then I hope that means I've done the job well :D

Montfort was rather more popular than I expected! Unfortunately, I won't be able to do a route for Montfort. I don't think he would suit the MC in this game, especially after he's so linked in with Amesbury's route. It would mean a whole new setting and cast of characters just for him (which I'm sure he would feel most entitled to anyway!).

I am currently working on another big project, so don't have the time to dedicate to a route for him :/

But, thank you so much for commenting, and for playing the game! It's honestly so motivating to hear you enjoyed it so much :)

I see :3 Goodluck on your project , i will definitely check it out ! consider me as your fan

I, like several others, created an account just to let you know how good of an idea this is. I'm actually not that big of an Otome fan, but the setting intrigued me so much I had to purchase this.

I'm looking forward to more updates!

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make an account and comment, you have no idea how much it means to me that you enjoyed the game so much to do it :)

It's even more exciting to know that your not a big otome fan, but still enjoyed this! Thank you, again, for giving it a chance and playing it :)

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I too created an account on here just so I could leave you a comment telling you that I absolutely LOVE this game so far!! :3 I played Guy's route first (with the true love ending)...it is so well written and the tone of the dialogue fits the theme so well that I was totally immersed in the story and felt so in tune with the MC! I must admit that this had me swooning right along with her (Guy is pretty dreamy imo), as well as feeling the need to speak out against the class system that the Huntington's loved to enforce....I love that there were dialogue options that allowed the MC to be a strong and interesting woman. The art in the game is lovely too. All in all, this game is everything I was hoping it would be <3 can't wait to play the other routes! Thank you for this great game!

Seriously, knowing you liked the game enough to make an account to comment makes me smile so much. Thank you so much for taking the effort to do it! It's so motivating and inspiring to see how much people like the game :D

I hope you enjoy the other routes as much as Blake's!

Of course (: I think it's important to give much deserved praise when you've obviously worked hard on this and it turned out so well! I find people like you inspiring and motivating, because I've thought about making games like this too. Thank you again, and yes I am loving the other routes as well!


I.NEED.MORE!!!! I would definitely like to see a route for Mr. Montfort as well. He's tall, dark, handsome, and dangerous. The ultimate package, hah. But no, I really enjoyed this and would love to get lost in a new route. I'll be watching patiently~ ^_^

Mr Montfort was certainly more popular than I thought he would be :D I'm glad I managed to write him so as he appealed to people!

Thank you so much for playing and for commenting!

I'm so glad you added Amesbury! My first impression of him struck me so much! Thank you for taking the time to go work and add his route!

Well, thank you for playing and for commenting! It really is so encouraging to hear you enjoy it so much, and it makes me so happy :)

(I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've only just come back from my Christmas break)

OMG i'm so excited! I've already been in love with this game, and now there's a track for amesbury!

I'm glad the extra route has you excited :D I hope it lives up to expectations!

(I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've only just come back from my Christmas break)

(Edited 1 time)

no problem :))

i really enjoyed amesbury's route! it was a lot different than i was expecting in terms of storyline, but that made it even better. also, mr.montfort was a nice addition - very handsome, hahaa. i hope i'm not being pushy/nosy, but will he have his own route as well, or is he purely connected to amesbury's story?

You're not pushy or nosy at all! It's great to know people want more from The Lady's Choice :D That's the biggest compliment I can get!

Mr Montfort won't be getting his own route, unfortunately. I think it would be too difficult to write him a route as he is so connected to Amesbury's route. The only way to give him a route would be to have a completely different MC, but I'm currently starting a new project so won't be able to do that :/

Thank you so much for your support, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the game and the characters so much!

XD I made an account just so say this game is so much fun! Thank you for making it ^______^ Stanton is my favorite, and I love how you show his struggle <3
Also, please make a Monfort route XD He's so interesting, event in such short interactions, I'd love to know more about him :)

Oh wow! What a compliment to have you make an account just to comment. That'll keep me smiling all day!

Stanton is my favourite too... though I probably shouldn't admit to favourites, being the creator :D

Thank you so much for playiung and making the effort comment, it really is so encouraging!

(I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've only just come back from my Christmas break)

Jesus this is such a good game, Stanton is my precious little hunny bun. ;3; Amesbury is also precious. They are all precious help. I really love this game, I only wish there was a menu to where I could go back into the cg's and see the ones I got already cause they are so nice.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for playing it :)

Unfortunately, I had planned for a CG gallery but it had to be cut due to time constraints. It's definitely something I am hoping to put in future visual novels I make though.

(Edited 1 time)

I must admit I was first taken aback by the historical inaccuracy, (I didn't read the notes ahead of time, so I wasn't forewarned) but about 5 min into the game, I no longer cared! I fully enjoyed this game and hope that there will be a Montfort route added on in the near future!!! My favorite route was that of Blake, but I feel that Montfort could rival him in my affections! Hehehe! More Please!

Yeah, historical accuracy was not high on my priority list when making the game :D I was more focused on just writing something fun and romantic. I'm so glad you managed to look past the inaccuracy though and enjoyed it!

Blake certainly is a favourite! I think it must be the uniform ;)

Omg i have just finished Amberley's route and it was amazing serously splendid. poor Arabella

Thank you so much for playing!

I'm so glad you enjoyed his route :) But yes, poor Arabella... It was a hard thing to write!

This game. The art. The characters. The story. Read Issac's route (Love Ending 1).

Isaac is still my favourite love interest (I know, I shouldn't have favourites, but still... :D)

Thank you so much for playing!


I really enjoyed this game! I'd played the first two characters when this came out, and just played the update with Amesbury. He was my favorite of the 3, and a really fun character.

I also think Montfort was a pretty great character (and had the cutest sprite!). I don't suppose you'd be interested in doing a Montfort route too??? It would be a shame not to get more use of his sprites, right?

I'm so glad he was your favourite, I was worried he wouldn't live up to expectations, especially because he's so very different to the other love interests.

Mr Montfort is certainly getting more love than I thought he would :D Though, it's a real boost to my confidence to know that people still want more of The Lady's Choice after it's finished!


Played this and LOVED every second! My face hurts from smiling so much, haha. I just got done playing Amesbury route, but is it bad if i was also pining for Montfort??

Thank you so much for playing it and for commenting :) I'm glad it could keep you smiling so much, I think it's every creator's goal to engage their audience so much!

Ah, Montfort, he was more popular than I thought he would be :D I really didn't want him to over-shadow poor Amesbury in his own route, haha!

I played this one when you launched it. I remember that I loved it, especially because I could make the character act a lot like someone brave and strong, something that I particularly find difficult to find in a visual novel (perhaps I'm looking at the wrong places); a lot of times the protagonist just seem too coward or too weak or both in my view, and there isn't a way of making her act less like these, she just is and that's it. I never felt this with The Lady's Choice; I could make the protagonist talk back and be brave. This ray of possibilities it's what I loved most.

But, well, after I played Blake and Stanton, I was like crazy trying to discover what in hell I had made wrong that I wasn't able to make Amesbury's route. Then I read, on lemmasoft, I think, that it wasn't made and I was "oh, no" and very sad and like "I DIDN'T PLAYED IT ALL" (sometimes I hate being a completionist xD). When you said that you would made the route for December, flowers blossomed in my head! I loved the news! And then, after months, I just recently replayed Stanton and Blake and falled in love with them and with the choices that I can make all over again and while I'm going crazy waiting for Amesbury's route (I literally look here every day), I finally created courage to say that I loved the visual novel.

I can barely wait for Amesbury and for more visual novels made by you :3

Oh wow, what a wonderful comment :D Thank you so, so much for gathering the courage to leave a comment, I really appreciate it! It's so amazing to hear you enjoyed the visual novel so much, and that you liked the choices for the main character. I tend to find protagonists in visual novels always seem more set in personality than I would like too, I think that's why I tried to make it so open for the player on how to change the MC in The Lady's Choice.

It was a good time for you to comment as well, because Amesbury's route is going to be released later today! (Probably quite a bit later, though, I still have a bit to do on it :D ).

I really hope you enjoy Amesbury's route as much as the others! And, thank you again, for such a supportive, lovely comment :)

Yes! Well said, their personality usually it's more set; gladly it's not the case with The Lady's Choice, you really made a good job in making the MC personality's more open. And I'm glad you liked my comment :3

I just finished Amesbury's route, and I must say that I loved it too! Sometimes I just laughed a lot when the Swindler appeared and when the MC received his gifts (and I laughed so much that I almost fell of my chair when the MC recovered her hat. Seriously, the way the scene unrolled... Perfect!), and in general, the way the route goes is lovely! I also enjoyed Montfort, he is such a good character! And... Well, Arabella and Ernest being the two lovebirds we love! (Sometimes I cheer more for them then for the MC xD)

And the CGs... OK, all right, I loved everything, I admit xD

The Swindler was great to write, I had a lot of fun with those scenes :D

It's great to hear you enjoyed it after having to wait for it! I was so nervous about releasing it, so it puts my mind at ease to know people like Amesbury and the characters :)

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