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Update- 15th December 2016

Amesbury's route is out now! Download the new version (2.0) to play his route!


Scandal. Gossip. Mismatches.
What will fuel this Season's gossip? And will you be able to keep yourself from being burned by it?

As the daughter of a Viscount, and heiress to a small fortune, you are invited back into society even after years of seclusion at your family's estate.
The upcoming Season is to be spent in Bath, your childhood friend having finally convinced you into it, and only the cream of society will be there. But the fickle and difficult dance that is weaving through society can be a tricky thing to remember, especially when they thrive on any small misstep you may make.

But which partner is selected to help guide you through the maze of the upper classes is always left down to The Lady's Choice.


The Lady's Choice is a light visual novel set in Regency times and will be route based.

The goal is to give the feel of a regency romance novel, but an interactive one!

Though it is a historical visual novel, it's not going to be completely accurate (for example, they didn't really have a Season in Bath). I have taken liberties because, well, I wanted to have fun with this rather than freak about every nuance of historical accuracy.

This was started for NaNoReNo 2016 gamejam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(748 total ratings)
AuthorSeraphinite Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, Historical, nanoreno, Otome, regency, Romance


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Lord Huntington is so annoying in Captain Blake's route, though I really wish there's a route for that motherfucker.


loved this!! just played the lord stanton ending, and I'm looking forward to playing the others :)


I only played with the Lord Stanton ending, but it was so sweet and a lovely story. But overall the game was great.


Lord Stanton!! *hearts* This was so fun, thanks for the great game! :)


*SPOILERS* I love playing games like this but usually I connect with a love interest before choosing a route, so I end up only doing that love interest route and not continuing to do the others. BUT THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE FIRST.  Something about the setup of each route made me NEED to play all of them and get everyone's True Love End. I did Amesbury's route first and he is still my favorite love interest. I love that he shared the same views as my MC and he was so teasing and fun. The first robbery scene had me wheezing and waiting for MC to realize that it's Amesbury. I love that even though he is fun he still has those uncertain moments that's only seen by MC, it just makes it more special. And LOVE that I got to slap Montfort!  I did Blake's route next, and I think his was my least favorite but that doesn't mean it's bad at all! I did enjoy his route and it was a very romantic and touching to play through. I like that the route has a more common person love interest instead of the others who are born into society it gives a depth to his character and can explain his troubles. Though my god did I want to SLAP THE HAIR OFF LORD HUNTINGTON and sometimes Blake himself! The ending is sweet and intense, but I have to wonder what happens after? Like does Blake stay in the military even after he punched and threaten a very prominent lord? The last route (which I had to do twice but I blame my tired brain since I pulled an all-nighter to finish the routes) Stanton's is misunderstood guy meeting no f*cks given woman and I love it! The MC got to be strong and stubborn as hell for his true love end and honestly, it's how I would act irl. His route was intense at times and really had me doubting that he was a good guy for a bit. But such a sweet end and makes you really feel in the moment. The side/not love interest characters are so well flushed out! ARABELLA AND FOXELY!!! I was so sad that they didn't get their love story in Stanton's but I was happy to see more of Miss Witter and get to be absolute best friends with her! Not to mention Mabel, Montfort, and even Lord Huntington are very great characters for their role and your feel how the writer wants you to feel about these people. Overall AMAZING story and characters and I loved playing this and might even play it again to relive Amesbury's route 

what would you say the age rating of this is?


I'm not easily entertained to the point that I would go through all of the routes in a game... But this one had me hooked from the start and, boy am I glad to have done all of the routes! Obviously,  Amesbury's route is a personal favourite. And how could it NOT be after a sentence like this: "I asked for a kiss, not a formality." Some really nice writing, dialogue and choices overall. 

This one is for fans of regency and period dramas for sure. (All possible historical inaccuracies aside, of course.) 

I'd also have to agree with most comments down below, in the sense that I would also like an Arabella or Montfort route heh


I LOVE this so much!! The graphics could be better but the story and characters are simply wonderful! I'm pretty sure it's all inspired by the Bridgerton TV series are something similar, so if you like that you HAVE to try this!


Lol this came out before Bridgerton but it is good!

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Lol this came out way before Bridgerton, the latest update clearly says 2016. Kind of seems like you're calling the writer(s) unoriginal so it's a bit of a backhanded compliment and rude. And no I'm not affiliated with any of them, it's just that if I worked hard at something as an artist, I wouldn't want people to come in and make assumptions that I copied other literature. It's incredibly rude.


Well, it seems you only assume the worst things and want to call me out on something I didn't even mean, so that's quite rude itself. I was NOT saying it was unoriginal. Everything we say/dream/write/create is inspired from something. Why would that be a bad thing? I never said and I never meant "copied". I just wanted to let people, who were considering playing this game, know how it feels like. It was purely a very positive review.  And regarding the timing: I said "or something similar". And besides the books have been around since 2000-2006. But I don't even care - if the author says, nah, it wasn't Bridgerton, then I guess it wasn't Bridgerton but something similar, like I said. It doesn't really matter at all - it was more of a description, so people know what they are getting themselves into.

I have no idea why that made you so mad. To me YOUR post was incredibly rude.

(3 edits) (+10)(-4)

Nothing I said was rude nor implied anger, if I was hostile in any way or going off then you'd have a point but I was just calling out to you to be more mindful and aware of the words you choose to use because it can come off rude.

 "I'm pretty sure it's all inspired by the Bridgerton TV series are something similar" the line speaks for itself, it definitely comes across as if the authors just took another body of work and regurgitated it. It's not about it being Bridgerton, it's about the words regardless of the art you claim they got inspired from. (And you did say TV series, not books, so it doesn't make sense to try and switch that up now.) Clearly, I'm not the only person who felt your comment wasn't the most considerate. Even if you meant differently, I'm just saying it comes across that way. As an artist it's not always fun to be compared to other people because it takes your own identity away. Especially when you put a lot of time and effort into something. Yet even though I made that point, you still insist on claiming it's inspired from something else. That's your right to still say, I'm just giving you food for thought that it's not the most considerate. Yes humans all get inspiration from things in some form on the unconscious/subconscious level, but that's clearly not what I'm referring to. Even if they did get some big inspiration, to make that assumption from the start and go on to claim it as an implied definite by saying "I'm pretty sure," without any actual previous knowledge/reasoning just may come off rude.

Just a PSA: Someone disagreeing does not equal anger and hostility. That being said, this is my last reply and engagement since you clearly got a bit defensive over a mere counterpoint that was entirely civil. There's no need to get so defensive about disagreements in life.


Well, if you call me "incredibly rude" over something I meant as a positive (!) review, I think I can very well call you rude too, so your "nothing I said was rude" doesn't really make sense to me. Accusing someone of something is not a "disagreement".

And I still have no idea, why it would be negative in any way to say something was "inspired" by whatever. I have a completely different view from yours. Art is compared to other art all the time without taking anything away from it. Especially if compared to something really good.

But anyway, since you already said you will not engage any further, I guess this ends here.


briderton? now now 


i know this was a long time ago but i don't get the discourse in the replies and the many downvotes on the original comment, im an artist myself and they mightve heavily confused it with being completely inspired by Bridgerton, but even if it was after Bridgerton had been released, there still wouldnt be anything insulting about it whatsoever. perhaps it was based on the style, setting, or some of the story aspects that coincidentally resembles the following series. and i dont think they meant to come off as backhanded or insulting, whenever i finish a movie or series i also tend to look for stuff that resembles it because its a current interest! yall shouldnt jump into conclusions so easily, im not totally sure but perhaps that was the commenters intention. :D


My heartfelt thanks! I really just meant to say something nice and something that would give people an idea of the game's style and theme. Maybe it came off wrong because English is not my native language but I still don't get why "inspiration" should be something bad when every creator uses it. The way I see it you can't create anything without it. But anyway - thanks again!


This game is really good!!!!! It reminds me Jane Austen's Novels!!

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Beautiful all routes were just unique and really cute. I also like the artstyle very much and the color palette was well thought out.All the characters had their charm and also music and backgrounds were pleasant. I honestly can’t decide which route would be my favorite I would always look forward to something new from you that was really worth the donation. 💃✨


2022 and I'm still hoping for an Arabella route 😔


Pretty sure this one isn't getting any more updates, but she's been working on The Wayhaven Chronicles for a while, and that one has female romance options! None of them are exactly like Arabella, but Farah's probably the closest. 

WAIT OH MY GOD!! i LOVE The Wayhaven Chronicles, i didn't even realize i recognized her name on here until this comment

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I did only one route which was the Blake one. I ended up crying emotions pouring out because somehow, I thought about my cat dying one day. Which will never happen he is immortal. Really enjoyed this though despite getting so mad cause of the harassment. like dude...

(1 edit) (+2)

This was a delight to read. I played all three stories and I can say that Lord Stanton is my favourite one. Captain Blake is a close second. I did not enjoy Mr Amesbury's route as much. I found the concept a bit strange, but Overall, the stories are fun and well written! 

I played all 3 routes and found the game to be delightful! It's well written and the art/music is nice. The side characters in the stories are very likable as well!

literally in love with this game

Great game!


Urgh. I just played Mr Amesbury's route. How is there not an option to slap the kind of asshole who'd hold people up at gunpoint for fun?


i think there is now LOL


lol I felt the exact same way.


I don't understand the downvotes on this, I think a slap is the least you should get for making people fear for their life


I love the game and the artwork is amazing. I only wish there was a gallery to admire them again and again.

we loved the arkwork ♥️


Recommendation, a female love interest maybe?

This is great

I want to marry Ms. Witting

(1 edit) (+3)

absolutely beautiful! the scenery, the characters, the storylines, everything! <3



I was never a big fan of Regency-era stories and books, but this game has put that opinion entirely upon its head. I read through all three true love routes within a day. Then went back and read them again two days later. I loved it from beginning to end! A very well-done game all around, and absolutely more than worth the price!

(1 edit) (+14)(-7)

A high recommend, for sure!

I gave my character the surname of “DaBadBitch” as a joke, and then I kept playing. The game made me cackle with how many times I was called Ms DaBadBitch or the MC’s father was called Lord DaBadBitch.

Jokes aside, I applaud the racial diversity of the characters. Is it historically accurate? I don’t know, and with all the intentional erasure of non-white people across history, who knows? But it sure is fun to have this diverse cast of characters around, instead of a perpetual sea of people who look inbred.

I mean, it is fiction for the sake of non-white people’s enjoyment, and a dating sim at that. If your biggest problem with a dating sim is the inclusion of non-white people, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Now, with that said: LORD STANTON. YES. That is all. I got his true love ending in the first playthrough and, honestly, I don’t think this has ever happened to me before, but I don’t want to play again. I don’t want to see the bad endings, or try to get with other love interests. That’s how good Isaac Stanton is as a character. I wish the ending had been a bit more detailed, perhaps with an epilogue, but that’s just nitpicking.

Great game!


I tried the Captain Blake route: he is a total cutie. I wasn’t expecting the drama that ensued.  

Lord Huntington, ugh, what a slimy little prick. Congratulations are in order when a character meant to be hated can indeed be so despicable. When the MC kicked his cane away, I was living for it. And when Blake did *that*, I was *living* it.  

I got Blake’s true love ending and… oh… my… god… that duel had me dying.  

Then I did the Amesbury route. I love how each route reveals a new side of society as the characters deal with all kinds of conflict. His route is surprisingly sweet and saucy.  

By the way, Mr Montfort? What a good-looking fella he is. I wish he hadn’t been made the third discordant in a love triangle. It’s a shame he’s such a creep.  

Aw, and I like that there’s more of the Foxley x Arabella romance in the Amesbury and Blake routes as well.  

The Society Swindler plot was most exciting. I love how each route has something new to offer.  

“How can I trust the words of a man who has to wear a mask to make his life fulfilled?” I love the dialogue and my witty MC.  

And when the MC calls out the fake Swindler and his ideas of what romance is? *chef’s finger kiss*  

Lord Stanton is still my favourite route by far; I have fallen for an imaginary man, and I don’t want to get up. But I do recommend playing through the other two as well. The entire game is a high recommend. I love how each route reveals a different side of the supporting characters without it being contradictory. It fleshes them out more, makes them come to life. Each route is like a new game altogether, but in a good way.  

Also, a part of this game that I thoroughly enjoyed but haven’t mentioned yet is that the MC and her friend are obviously not as young as your average dating sim/romance protagonist. Seeing characters like that in these types of games is refreshing.  

This comment is embarrassingly long and I am so sorry haha. Really, just play this game. You won’t regret it.


Lord Stanton was my first play and he is my favorite! also, it's been over a year since I played this game and I'm still waiting on a Mr. Montfort route.. a girl can dream.


Right??? Why can't we pick him lol.

I loved this story! I highly recommend it.


I loved it, especially Stanton and captain Blake routes. As for other than story stuff :D I really like music, its simple piano mostly but somehow, even tho its almost the same few chords over and over again, its not irritating or tiresome.


Late to the party... assembly, perhaps? A really charming game! I've played through both Guy and Isaac. I liked both. Guy is very Captain Wentworthish,  Isaac is this dreamy mishmash of Darcy and Rochester and Huntington is a ghastly mutant combination of Collins and Elton. And while I haven't played the Laurence Amesbury route, I'm sensing he's very much a Henry Crawford/John Willoughby/George Wickham/Frank Churchill/William Elliot type of thing. So far I've really enjoyed it! I know you've moved onto many other games since this, but if you are to revisit this, some additional outfits for the female characters would be awesome such as an outfit for a ball or assembly. Also, while I understand liberties were taken to 'appropriately modernise' the language, there were some immersion-breaking moments because the language was too modern and lax (like the word 'sync'), there were slight grammatical errors (it's 'could have', not 'could of') and some adverbs and verbs were repeated ad nauseum (like every time someone 'curled' their arm around another person's arm).

But other than those minor things, I'm really enjoying it. Darcy emerging from a pond is nothing compared to those intimate, steamy moments! Thanks for making this gem of a visual novel <3


Just finished Laurence's route, while he isn't an outright scoundrel, there is definitely that bad-boy thing about him. He's the character in the Austen novels which is 'too good to be true'. The one who matches the heroine's wit, romanticism and individualism, but being less tempered by rational thinking and driven more by ego, they have a  character flaw and Austen's protagonists will end up marrying the more grounded character who reinforces, rather than disrupts polite society. But glad to see, not this time! It's like a parallel universe where John Willoughby DOES marry Marianne Dashwood or Henry Crawford DOES marry Fanny Price. My favourite  thing of all three routes, is Arabella and Ernest. I love how their love reminds me of Jane and Bingley's; unaffected and consistent. I ship them, wholeheartedly! 


how many romance options are there?

(1 edit) (+7)

3 (male) love interests.

-Guy, Amesbury, and Isaac.

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This Novel is just GREAT!!! I would love to pay for a bigger" Novel like this, but (please) no Abo. This Novel have really, really wonderful stories, sweet artwork and a high standard! One of the best Novels I have seen ... and I played a lot.

Thank you very mutch!


No Abo???


I have a lot of Abo's right now, like - I suppose - a lot of people. Not only about games or stuff like this, but also (for example) I have a voyage insurance I have to remember to quit in a few months. All this stuff is like a Abo. And so: I don't want to stress myself with more Abo. Also: I really want a good overview over my budget every month, but Abo's makes it hart to have it. So Abo's are not really welcome here. 

I would prefer to pay one time without any further obligations.It would be great if therew would be a choice between: Small abo OR pay-once-bit-more.

Thanks for you attention.


I love this game so, so much! If you are in doubt, I think it should be a truth universally acknowledged that any Austen lover will love this game. Kept playing well into the middle of the night to complete stories, because I could not stop. Treat yourself, get this game and support the creators!


This game was so much fun. Amesbury's route in particular had me giggling with delight - the playful banter and moments of surprising earnestness just completely won me over. It's the perfect visual novel to spend a comfy afternoon playing. I found myself wishing it was longer even before I finished it. 


I really like this game. If you are looking in the comments whether to play or not like I do, give it a try! normally I get bored by historical games since I prefer other genres, but this is a gem. I really enjoyed all the characters and never got bored of the game! I played Mr. Amesbury's route and enjoyed it. While some may not because the society swindler is obvious, I still enjoyed it since I like characters that are antagonist-like, but he's sweet too so it's the perfect combo. Fabulous game thank you for making it!


I just wish there was an opportunity to chew him out, I was like, you're a bored rich boy terrorizing people... why??? And I dumped him, haha. But I can see how people would find him appealing!


this game is so amazinggggggggggg. I feel like i am really heroine.

I love Isaac so much. I always chased after most scandal man after all.  XD


really fun game !! i enjoyed the length of each route and i loved having multiple options on who to date.


Game does work at all on windows and no its not an old laptop! Download it and all it comes up with is 'Could not execute' and says about a file being missing. Considering all files have been downloaded and extracted I have no idea what to do. No help or anything online. Absolute waste of money.


how is it a waste of money when the game is free 


Actually I was coming back to tell people to ignore that comment. I sent money over before downloading the game so I was super annoyed that it seemed to work for everyone but not me. After 3 hours of going through the computer and files looking for the issue, we found out that it was the new antivirus program that was quarantining a game file after downloading, which preventing the game from opening. Very sorry about the previous comment. Its a wonderful game. I've been looking for something like this after playing 'Regency Love' for the hundredth time


I had no idea what to expect but this was very romantic, and well written game. I had to clutch my heart for some of the events, thinking I messed up somewhere but I ended up getting "True love- Blake end". I didn't get to try other routes but one path romance was enough for me (Will replay again, though later).

I really liked the dialogue choices, and a few things I don't want to spoil. Hope those who play, also enjoy it, and the fluttery feelings that bloom between the characters.


I really enjoyed this game. Especially Guy Blake's route. It was so well written and I just loved his character.

Amesburry's route was kinda nice but I felt the whole Society Swindler thing was too obvious. Isaac's route was also well done but I just wasn't a fan of him.


I love Guy and this game. <3 (That's all!)


I love Guy and Isaac's routes. Amesbury's is too irresponsible, but still well done (it is his personality I guess). 

I would pay more for a Mr. Montforte and an Arabella route <3

Really well done though. I look forward to future projects!


At first, I thought that this game would bore me as it isn't the typical VN that I read but THIS.IS.THE.BEST! I've just completed Guy's route but I cannot help myself to comment and just praise this VN. The visuals are all good, it did well on its theme and the story ooooh the writing! The story! It's beyond the best! It's simple is one of my favorite VN. I love how open the choices are, it truly expresses the MC/players thoughts -- some of the VN doesn't have that, it truly is the 'Lady's Choice' heh.  

Guy's route is the best (I'm saying this early I haven't played the other two route), it's the perfect story that I've been looking for. I find myself giggling and smiling when I read Guy's route. Mah heart, filled with love hahaha. Now, Guy is one my top Love Interest of all time in VN and choices games. Top 1, if I may add.

JUST. This VN. Simple the best!


this was super fun!! the writing was v. good & appropriate for the atmosphere of the game -- it did feel very austen-esque! i played through all three routes and found them accessible and fun. the romance is very well done too. would LOVE to see a mr. montfort route if you ever decide to update this. overall one of my favorite vns i've played recently :)

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