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OMG i'm so excited! I've already been in love with this game, and now there's a track for amesbury!

I'm glad the extra route has you excited :D I hope it lives up to expectations!

(I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've only just come back from my Christmas break)

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no problem :))

i really enjoyed amesbury's route! it was a lot different than i was expecting in terms of storyline, but that made it even better. also, mr.montfort was a nice addition - very handsome, hahaa. i hope i'm not being pushy/nosy, but will he have his own route as well, or is he purely connected to amesbury's story?

You're not pushy or nosy at all! It's great to know people want more from The Lady's Choice :D That's the biggest compliment I can get!

Mr Montfort won't be getting his own route, unfortunately. I think it would be too difficult to write him a route as he is so connected to Amesbury's route. The only way to give him a route would be to have a completely different MC, but I'm currently starting a new project so won't be able to do that :/

Thank you so much for your support, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the game and the characters so much!

XD I made an account just so say this game is so much fun! Thank you for making it ^______^ Stanton is my favorite, and I love how you show his struggle <3
Also, please make a Monfort route XD He's so interesting, event in such short interactions, I'd love to know more about him :)

Oh wow! What a compliment to have you make an account just to comment. That'll keep me smiling all day!

Stanton is my favourite too... though I probably shouldn't admit to favourites, being the creator :D

Thank you so much for playiung and making the effort comment, it really is so encouraging!

(I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've only just come back from my Christmas break)

Jesus this is such a good game, Stanton is my precious little hunny bun. ;3; Amesbury is also precious. They are all precious help. I really love this game, I only wish there was a menu to where I could go back into the cg's and see the ones I got already cause they are so nice.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for playing it :)

Unfortunately, I had planned for a CG gallery but it had to be cut due to time constraints. It's definitely something I am hoping to put in future visual novels I make though.

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I must admit I was first taken aback by the historical inaccuracy, (I didn't read the notes ahead of time, so I wasn't forewarned) but about 5 min into the game, I no longer cared! I fully enjoyed this game and hope that there will be a Montfort route added on in the near future!!! My favorite route was that of Blake, but I feel that Montfort could rival him in my affections! Hehehe! More Please!

Yeah, historical accuracy was not high on my priority list when making the game :D I was more focused on just writing something fun and romantic. I'm so glad you managed to look past the inaccuracy though and enjoyed it!

Blake certainly is a favourite! I think it must be the uniform ;)

Omg i have just finished Amberley's route and it was amazing serously splendid. poor Arabella

Thank you so much for playing!

I'm so glad you enjoyed his route :) But yes, poor Arabella... It was a hard thing to write!

This game. The art. The characters. The story. Read Issac's route (Love Ending 1).

Isaac is still my favourite love interest (I know, I shouldn't have favourites, but still... :D)

Thank you so much for playing!


I really enjoyed this game! I'd played the first two characters when this came out, and just played the update with Amesbury. He was my favorite of the 3, and a really fun character.

I also think Montfort was a pretty great character (and had the cutest sprite!). I don't suppose you'd be interested in doing a Montfort route too??? It would be a shame not to get more use of his sprites, right?

I'm so glad he was your favourite, I was worried he wouldn't live up to expectations, especially because he's so very different to the other love interests.

Mr Montfort is certainly getting more love than I thought he would :D Though, it's a real boost to my confidence to know that people still want more of The Lady's Choice after it's finished!


Played this and LOVED every second! My face hurts from smiling so much, haha. I just got done playing Amesbury route, but is it bad if i was also pining for Montfort??

Thank you so much for playing it and for commenting :) I'm glad it could keep you smiling so much, I think it's every creator's goal to engage their audience so much!

Ah, Montfort, he was more popular than I thought he would be :D I really didn't want him to over-shadow poor Amesbury in his own route, haha!

I played this one when you launched it. I remember that I loved it, especially because I could make the character act a lot like someone brave and strong, something that I particularly find difficult to find in a visual novel (perhaps I'm looking at the wrong places); a lot of times the protagonist just seem too coward or too weak or both in my view, and there isn't a way of making her act less like these, she just is and that's it. I never felt this with The Lady's Choice; I could make the protagonist talk back and be brave. This ray of possibilities it's what I loved most.

But, well, after I played Blake and Stanton, I was like crazy trying to discover what in hell I had made wrong that I wasn't able to make Amesbury's route. Then I read, on lemmasoft, I think, that it wasn't made and I was "oh, no" and very sad and like "I DIDN'T PLAYED IT ALL" (sometimes I hate being a completionist xD). When you said that you would made the route for December, flowers blossomed in my head! I loved the news! And then, after months, I just recently replayed Stanton and Blake and falled in love with them and with the choices that I can make all over again and while I'm going crazy waiting for Amesbury's route (I literally look here every day), I finally created courage to say that I loved the visual novel.

I can barely wait for Amesbury and for more visual novels made by you :3

Oh wow, what a wonderful comment :D Thank you so, so much for gathering the courage to leave a comment, I really appreciate it! It's so amazing to hear you enjoyed the visual novel so much, and that you liked the choices for the main character. I tend to find protagonists in visual novels always seem more set in personality than I would like too, I think that's why I tried to make it so open for the player on how to change the MC in The Lady's Choice.

It was a good time for you to comment as well, because Amesbury's route is going to be released later today! (Probably quite a bit later, though, I still have a bit to do on it :D ).

I really hope you enjoy Amesbury's route as much as the others! And, thank you again, for such a supportive, lovely comment :)

Yes! Well said, their personality usually it's more set; gladly it's not the case with The Lady's Choice, you really made a good job in making the MC personality's more open. And I'm glad you liked my comment :3

I just finished Amesbury's route, and I must say that I loved it too! Sometimes I just laughed a lot when the Swindler appeared and when the MC received his gifts (and I laughed so much that I almost fell of my chair when the MC recovered her hat. Seriously, the way the scene unrolled... Perfect!), and in general, the way the route goes is lovely! I also enjoyed Montfort, he is such a good character! And... Well, Arabella and Ernest being the two lovebirds we love! (Sometimes I cheer more for them then for the MC xD)

And the CGs... OK, all right, I loved everything, I admit xD

The Swindler was great to write, I had a lot of fun with those scenes :D

It's great to hear you enjoyed it after having to wait for it! I was so nervous about releasing it, so it puts my mind at ease to know people like Amesbury and the characters :)

I read a lot of visual novels, and, I can honestly say this is the one I've most enjoyed reading this year. It is really well written, the characters are suitably complex, and the context is different. After going through barrels of stories about High School dating, office romances, discovering magic powers, or having a gaggle of supernatural creatures fall in love with you, I found your visual novel refreshing. I really hope that you continue to make more games, and I hope that you will release this one on steam (where it is likey to recieve the attention it deserves).

Thank you so much! It's so amazing to hear people enjoy the writing and characters. I always hope to make engaging characters, and that the writing will draw people in, so to receive compliments on it makes my day :D

I'm hoping my next visual novel will make it onto Steam as well... Will have to wait and see how that goes!

Hi, just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making such a lovely game. I've always been a huge fan of the regency era, and longed for a game such as yours. I've recently played through both routes again! I loved them just as much, if not more, as I did the first play through! I'm anxiously awaiting the day until Amesbury is released!

I am ever your avid fan!

Oh wow! What a lovely comment :D Thank you so much for this, it's so motivating and inspiring to know people are loving the game and are excited for Amesbury's route!

Hopefully it's not long until Amesbury- definitely a December release.

Thank you again for your kind words, it's really so incredible and makes me smile all day :)

Hi! Just to let you know that I really enjoy your game and also I was wondering how old is Sophia?

Thank you so much for playing it, I'm really glad to know you enjoyed it :D

Sophia is around 27/28, definitely older than what was probably considered as real marriage material back then!


Making an account here just so I could let out the love I have for this visual novel.

Blake's route is the first one I had chosen to take and dear god i regret nothing choosing him-- because why can i not be? this man is the perfect blend of romantic and adorably stiff and simply the way he shows his caring side is enough to make me jealous of the girl playing as us. On the other hand, the fashion in which his past was laid out gave him the moment to be vulnerabe, in which, it felt realistic, and thus, his character humanly.

P.S The reader x Blake's intimate scenes are to die for :'"

P.S.S I thought Amesbury's route would only be obtainable after going through all the other routes XD Really looking foward to Amesbury!!


Oh, wow! Thank you so much for making an account to leave a comment. You have no idea how much that has made me smile! :D

I wanted Blake to have up sides and down sides, so I'm so glad that came across in game :) He is WAY more of a romantic than he thinks he is.

I really hope you enjoy Amesbury's route just as much when its released!

Not a problem! It's a token of appreciation for making a lovely visual novel and deserve to know that : )

It really did came off well which is why it was romantically wonderful playing his route!

I think there's a lot of I'll be looking forward to him since little to nothing known about him at the in this version of this release :D

Sooo excited for Amesbury!


I'm really glad you are :D I hope he lives up to expectations!

I'm doing well on schedule, so (fingers crossed) his route should be out on time.

I saw that you are going to release Amesbury's route!! I'm so excited, have fun making it!!!! Thanks so much for making this free, its one of my favorite VNs of all time!

I'm glad you're looking forward to his route :D Hopefully it will live up to your expectations!

I'm definitely having fun making it, it's nice going back to the world of Regency.

Thank you so much for the kind words, it's very motivating!

I have to admit I was a little hesitant to play this game as I haven't had many good experiences with historical-themed VNs.
But it turned out to be really, really good! I've played Blake's route and he was so adorable, I'm still grinning like an idiot from all the good feelings =) I also have to disagree with the commenters saying that he was weak/lame etc. How I see it he dealt with his problems by himself, MC was just there for moral support. At the same time, he wasn't perfect, he had some insecurities (completely justified by his background story) and that was pretty awesome and made him even more pleasant to pursue in my opinion.
Thank you for making this game! I'll play Stanton route and then wait for Amesbury =)

Thank you so much for playing :D (And I am so sorry for the late reply!)

I definitely wanted Blake to have bad character qualities, as well as good ones (him being quite a good romantic, in spite of himself, for example!). It's so great to hear you enjoyed his route and you feel for the character :)

I hope you enjoyed Stanton's route just as much, and Amesbury's as well when it's released :D

Thank you again for playing and for commenting!


Are you going to release the next route? I really really loved this game!


Thank you so much for playing it, and I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D

Unfortunately, Stanton and Blake are the only 2 available, due to time constraints. This VN was only supposed to be a small thing for NaNoReNo, but ended up turning into something much larger, which meant I had to put one route to the side :/

Maybe sometime in the far future if I get some free time! :D

Okay I love this game. I watched Pride and Prejudice the other day and this is all I could think about. I wish there were more period dating sims around.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D And that you were reminded of it whilst watching a period drama!

It's nice to know the game sticks around in people's minds ;) Thank you for playing it.

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While overall. the writing and mood are done with some feel for the era, I don't like the story. It simply went in directions I do not appreciate.

My favourite Austen man is Colonel Brandon competent, and soulful. I prefer otomes without so much steambased/chemistrybased scenes as well. In the meantime, this story instead of companionship capitalizes too much on chemistry and mutual attraction. It is not my idea of Regency romance at all, it doesn;t feel right to me. I seek romances with less "romance" to them in popular understanding cause love can develop differently not just as sex attrction (companionship, trust, reliance on another, mutual help), like here Ex in Stanton route: there is more chemistry attraction than anything else and it dissapointed me, though the premise for his story had a lot of potential, but somewhere along the line it was ruined for me by too much focus just on the attraction and MC saving him. I am bothered by this. Also, regardless of choices, MC is made to look competent and it is not very credible, or rather you made a point to exaggerate it too much to the point it;s too contemporary for me and feels unbalanced. She always saves the guys, like the lame Captain Blake can;t say a word to idiot Lord huttington, that scene made him simply look LAME from the start, when she has to speak for him in defence. an austen man would find a way out of this on his own, wouldn't rely on MC to help him like that. I don;t like that, it made Blake seem lame from the start. Or in Stanton began promising but .the ending is SO anticlimatic and illogical and lacks credibility cause MC all of a sudden saves him like that? As if a guy like she's dealing with would just let her off, and seriously how lame can a guy be? Stuck in service to someone like that.... nope, totally lacks credibility that ending. Stanton's true love end is too much of an easy deus ex machina. And I"m also annoyed that he was like a slave, and in the end did;t seem competent at all himself, though you explained him and all, but the ending simply undermined, for me, his appeal. He ended up being too lame and helpless and it annoys me. The guys just seemed to lack character whatsoever. It just makes it seem like it;s unbalanced, like they aren;t partners, like Mc is too much of a saviour, it feels unbalanced for me. And also plot really went in the direction that killed the initial anticipation. Especially with the sort of easy ending you went for without much development of Vale guy.

Promising, but needs work. I was disappointed all in all, this isn;t my idea of Regency romance and definitely too contemprary in several senses. Puts me off totally. I'm an old fashioned kinda person,I want chivarlous guys saving damsels in distress, and I'm also an idealistic person who likes more dealistic approach to romance, rather than this sort of psychical attraction based "romance". I"m tired that most otome games games lately only emphasize physical attraction and there are fewer for me that empaisze subtelty and delicacy and idealistic approach (i./e focus more on plot and subtle developments rather than heavy handed steamy or sex scenes. Romance is not just about that) I think there's too much contemporary thinking in this/ I like otome stories with focus on something else than what I see here, and this is not my thing I'm afraid. Too bad, cause at first it seemed extremely promising,

it is well written and the concepts were good but it simply went in a direction I simply did not appreciate. .

Thank you for playing and for commenting!

I definitely tried to give a more contemporary feel to Regency romance :)

Thank you for this game I enjoyed it alot, since it had much romance in it. I love the side character Arabella too she wasn't annoying as other side characters could in some otome visuell novels. One thing I was wondering about are Stanton and Blake paths the only one available? What about the thrid guy?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Arabella was a great character to write, and I enjoyed her side story too :)

Stanton and Blake are the only 2 avilable, due to time constraints. This VN was only supposed to be a small thing for NaNoReNo, but ended up turning into somehting much larger :D Unfortunately, that meant I had to put one route to the side :/

This was really good. Loved the atmosphere and how it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice! I hope you make more games like this in the future! You're good^^

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Pride and Prejudice type atmosphere was the exact feeling I was hoping to give :D

Are you going to make anymore games like this? Maybe based on Emma? Or maybe even some of the Bronte sisters' works!

I'm not sure, to be honest :D I may try a different era in time if I were to do another historical game. But, Regency is something I might be drawn back to.

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COOL! Unfortunately I don't know much about the King George the third or fourth..... :( I better do some research.

I have already purchased this game but need to redownload it what do I do??

If you click on the Download game button, then when the next window pops up there will be an option saying, 'No thanks, just take me to the download', then it should take you to the page to download the game. Hope that helps, and thank you so so much for contributing to the game! :)

(If you need more help just let me know!)

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! *squeal* It's such an amazing story. I'm totally in love with Blake. OMG I love this so much.


I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it so much :D Blake certainly seems to be the favourite!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting, it really makes my day to know people liked it :)

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Wonderful art and characters. Played this game in one sitting as I loved it so much. One of my favourite Otome games, despite only having two routes. It really gives the player options for shaping the character interactions and is surprisingly deep for whats a short game. Only issue was it ends rather suddenly. Despite this, seriously cannot recommend it enough!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I had planned for epilogues, but decided against it, so that might be why it seems to end so sudden :D

The game seems to be awesome and so much fun but when i try to unzip the game it says that the file is damaged and that it's impossible to start it , what can I do to fix it? :(

I'm so sorry! Have you tried redownloading it? Did it get interrupted during download? I'm not entirely sure why it would say that :/

Eventually, it worked ! thank god it did , because if it didn't I would have missed playing the best game ever .Honestly, playing the game was such a happy surreal experience , it was like a getaway from reality to a sweet world and everything was perfect : the dialogue , the characters, the stories ,the artwork. I hope that you'll make more marvellous games like this one .Yes , I'm a BIG fan now :D , thank you very much for this game!

I'm so glad you got it working (not sure why it did that!). Thank you so much for playing it, and for commenting! It means so much to me to hear that people are enjoying the game :)

At first I saw this game on LSF, I immediately wanted to download it, but life kept me busy and finally I downloaded the game and played it. It was amazing! I love this game so much! The story is well-written and the characters are adorable (well, except that one guy, you must know who is it lol). I felt like reading a Jane Austen novel! I really loved the huge amount of choices that the game had given, which each of it determined how the society sees the MC, etc. It's really interesting and I found myself replaying only to see possible outcomes from the choices, since I always chose to be bold and friendly lol.

Although I don't really fond of guys with beard (pls forgive me lol), but Stanton stole my heart away after the first exchange he had with the MC/Sophie. After I played Blake's route, I can't help for falling for him too (blame his appearance, it's definitely my taste lol). Both are my favorites, I can't choose hahaha x'DD

There is one thing I think would make the game better if it added on. I would like if there is a CG Gallery menu to view the already obtained CGs from the route. Since the game has many CGs and I'm one of the completionist who can't rest before every game challenge and achievement is completed, I would love if there is a menu to access all the CGs. And I would love to see the CGs after playing since they're adorable to see (>//<) But it's okay, it was only minor and didn't caused any trouble for me while playing! (^^)

Anyway, thumbs up for the creator, you did a really good job \(^o^)/! Thanks for creating this game! I hope to see more from you in the future, maybe with similiar theme? :3 I would love to play it~!!

Forgive me if there is some mistake in my grammar or wordings... English isn't my first language (--;)

And oh, I didn't realize that I have written a huge block of words... sorry everyone (;A;)

Ahh, what a really lovely comment :D Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement!

I did actually plan to add a CG gallery, I did all the design and things... then actually forgot to add it into the game ^^; It's something I will definitely be sure to remember for future games!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and that you found Stanton compelling, even with a beard! :D

I love this visual novel and it has to be my favorite! How many possible routes are there?

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for playing :) There are only 2 possible routes, unfortunately, due to time constraints. (It was supposed to be only a small project for the NaNoWriMo challenge, but became something a bit more! :D ).

I LOVED this! Stanton was definitely my favorite route. The art and writing both were lovely, and I'm pretty sure you made me blush more than once. The style of writing and the setting you chose make it unique. I liked it so much that I actually found myself wishing it weren't quite so unique; I want more!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D I do love me some historical fiction, so it seemed like a perfect setting for a visual novel!

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I loved this game and I love the era it is set in pre swing of the victorian era (wanna say georgian era). Never mind that, the vocabulary was amazing and so were the story choices. My favorite was Captain Blake, I was honestly sad when it ended. I'm actually manage to blush! I really loved this game. Hope you keep making good content, expecially historical ones or not.

Georgian is pretty spot on :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was nice writing for a historical setting, but I wasn't sure if people would enjoy it, so it's great to hear people have liked it so much :)

(Sorry for the late reply! I was away last week :) )


Gosh, I loved this game so much! I don't really do games set in a historical era, (like victorian?? idk what to call this omg im sorry) but the second i read scandal in the title i knew i had to download. i'm a sucker for some drama!!! i love how you made options for the protagonist such as either, she can be super sassy or super chill. i played guy blake's route and every cg scene made me SQUEAL I KID YOU NOT. i'm so happy i found this game! keep up all your good work developers!!

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I'm glad the game managed to tempt you into playing something historical :D

Having a good range of choices is something I really look to in my VNs, so I'm glad you enjoyed that!

I do love to hear that the romance and CGs pay off in the game, so thank you so much for commenting! :D

(Sorry for the late reply! I was away last week)

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Thought I'd post this here as well: So I just finished my first play through, got Blake's true love end (and bad end because I am a curious little thing) and it was so great! The CGs were AWESOME and your writing just keeps getting better. Towards the end I did get worried because



but it was alllll good. -w-

The romantic parts made me squee and I the whole thing really had it's own atmosphere to it, between the art, the writing, music, and even the sound effects. I loved the one of the crowd in the sitting room with like the gruff guys making... I don't know what to call it, clearing their throats or... whatever, it made me giggle xD

I plan on playing the other route but I just had to stop and say fantastic job! Can't wait to try out courting the seasons :D

Also impressed by the amount of choices there were, I'll have to go back and see what all of them say now that I've gone all the way through once xD

Thank you so much for playing it :D I was so excited to hear what you thought!

Yeah, the background sounds for the chatting scenes made me chuckle so I just had to use it! I always imagined the woman making the weird moaning sound was enjoying her cakes a little too much :D

Oh man, I'm so glad you liked it!

i really really like this game ! Story , art and everything was absolutely wonderful. I'm looking forward to your next creations

Thank you so much for playing it, and I'm really glad you enjoyedi it! :D

this is amazing. I love this and can't wait for Amberley. you are brilliant and should definately do more historical otomes

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D I love older time periods, so it's definitely something I will think of doing again in the future!

I really liked your game !

I played Guy's route, and I was sad to see that Laurence's diden't get a route :( I wanted to play it !

So I hoped you'll do it one day :p

Again, I really enjoyed your game, the story was interesting and the romance scences were really good :D ( I'll play Isaac's route soon I think :p )

Thank you so much for playing, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to do Amesbury one day, as his route was quite different again to the others!

Thank you again for playing and commenting; it's really great to hear people's thoughts :)

Loved playing the full game! Quick question, I can't seem to be able to open Mr. Amesbury's route? I've played both of the others.

Thank you so much for playing and commenting :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, Mr Amesbury didn't end up getting a route due to time constraints (this was only supposed to be a game for NaNoReNo-one month development- but ended up going on much longer, so I had to cut one out). I hope you can still enjoy Stanton and Blake though! :)

Oh, okay! That's totally fine, I understand!! I was just confused then, thank you! But it really is a fun game!

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I LOVED this game!! The art style is beautiful and the story had me feeling immersed very quickly and I cannot wait for the full version!

Thank you so much for playing the demo! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D

The goal for the release of the full version is mid-June :)

Lovely game!Will the full version also be free?

The full game will be free, yes (Pay-what-you-want, or nothing at all! :D )

Thank you so much for commenting, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game :)

We absolutely loved the game down to the era it was set in. So far, we have an ongoing let's play if you're interested!

Thank you so much for playing it, even more so for doing a Let's Play of it :D

I'm really excitedto see the rest of it. Really enjoyed the 1st part, it was great fun and it had me chuckling!

The demo was definitely a great intro into the game and left me wanting more! Great job.

Thank you so much for playing the demo, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

I just played this, and it is amazing . The art style really works with the story. Many compliments! Keep going!

Thank you so much for playing the demo, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D

Hopefully won't be long until the full game is out!

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