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I loved it, especially Stanton and captain Blake routes. As for other than story stuff :D I really like music, its simple piano mostly but somehow, even tho its almost the same few chords over and over again, its not irritating or tiresome.


Late to the party... assembly, perhaps? A really charming game! I've played through both Guy and Isaac. I liked both. Guy is very Captain Wentworthish,  Isaac is this dreamy mishmash of Darcy and Rochester and Huntington is a ghastly mutant combination of Collins and Elton. And while I haven't played the Laurence Amesbury route, I'm sensing he's very much a Henry Crawford/John Willoughby/George Wickham/Frank Churchill/William Elliot type of thing. So far I've really enjoyed it! I know you've moved onto many other games since this, but if you are to revisit this, some additional outfits for the female characters would be awesome such as an outfit for a ball or assembly. Also, while I understand liberties were taken to 'appropriately modernise' the language, there were some immersion-breaking moments because the language was too modern and lax (like the word 'sync'), there were slight grammatical errors (it's 'could have', not 'could of') and some adverbs and verbs were repeated ad nauseum (like every time someone 'curled' their arm around another person's arm).

But other than those minor things, I'm really enjoying it. Darcy emerging from a pond is nothing compared to those intimate, steamy moments! Thanks for making this gem of a visual novel <3


Just finished Laurence's route, while he isn't an outright scoundrel, there is definitely that bad-boy thing about him. He's the character in the Austen novels which is 'too good to be true'. The one who matches the heroine's wit, romanticism and individualism, but being less tempered by rational thinking and driven more by ego, they have a  character flaw and Austen's protagonists will end up marrying the more grounded character who reinforces, rather than disrupts polite society. But glad to see, not this time! It's like a parallel universe where John Willoughby DOES marry Marianne Dashwood or Henry Crawford DOES marry Fanny Price. My favourite  thing of all three routes, is Arabella and Ernest. I love how their love reminds me of Jane and Bingley's; unaffected and consistent. I ship them, wholeheartedly! 


how many romance options are there?

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3 (male) love interests.

-Guy, Amesbury, and Isaac.

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This Novel is just GREAT!!! I would love to pay for a bigger" Novel like this, but (please) no Abo. This Novel have really, really wonderful stories, sweet artwork and a high standard! One of the best Novels I have seen ... and I played a lot.

Thank you very mutch!


No Abo???


I love this game so, so much! If you are in doubt, I think it should be a truth universally acknowledged that any Austen lover will love this game. Kept playing well into the middle of the night to complete stories, because I could not stop. Treat yourself, get this game and support the creators!


This game was so much fun. Amesbury's route in particular had me giggling with delight - the playful banter and moments of surprising earnestness just completely won me over. It's the perfect visual novel to spend a comfy afternoon playing. I found myself wishing it was longer even before I finished it. 


I really like this game. If you are looking in the comments whether to play or not like I do, give it a try! normally I get bored by historical games since I prefer other genres, but this is a gem. I really enjoyed all the characters and never got bored of the game! I played Mr. Amesbury's route and enjoyed it. While some may not because the society swindler is obvious, I still enjoyed it since I like characters that are antagonist-like, but he's sweet too so it's the perfect combo. Fabulous game thank you for making it!

this game is so amazinggggggggggg. I feel like i am really heroine.

I love Isaac so much. I always chased after most scandal man after all.  XD


really fun game !! i enjoyed the length of each route and i loved having multiple options on who to date.


Game does work at all on windows and no its not an old laptop! Download it and all it comes up with is 'Could not execute' and says about a file being missing. Considering all files have been downloaded and extracted I have no idea what to do. No help or anything online. Absolute waste of money.


how is it a waste of money when the game is free 


Actually I was coming back to tell people to ignore that comment. I sent money over before downloading the game so I was super annoyed that it seemed to work for everyone but not me. After 3 hours of going through the computer and files looking for the issue, we found out that it was the new antivirus program that was quarantining a game file after downloading, which preventing the game from opening. Very sorry about the previous comment. Its a wonderful game. I've been looking for something like this after playing 'Regency Love' for the hundredth time


I had no idea what to expect but this was very romantic, and well written game. I had to clutch my heart for some of the events, thinking I messed up somewhere but I ended up getting "True love- Blake end". I didn't get to try other routes but one path romance was enough for me (Will replay again, though later).

I really liked the dialogue choices, and a few things I don't want to spoil. Hope those who play, also enjoy it, and the fluttery feelings that bloom between the characters.


I really enjoyed this game. Especially Guy Blake's route. It was so well written and I just loved his character.

Amesburry's route was kinda nice but I felt the whole Society Swindler thing was too obvious. Isaac's route was also well done but I just wasn't a fan of him.


I love Guy and this game. <3 (That's all!)


I love Guy and Isaac's routes. Amesbury's is too irresponsible, but still well done (it is his personality I guess). 

I would pay more for a Mr. Montforte and an Arabella route <3

Really well done though. I look forward to future projects!


At first, I thought that this game would bore me as it isn't the typical VN that I read but THIS.IS.THE.BEST! I've just completed Guy's route but I cannot help myself to comment and just praise this VN. The visuals are all good, it did well on its theme and the story ooooh the writing! The story! It's beyond the best! It's simple is one of my favorite VN. I love how open the choices are, it truly expresses the MC/players thoughts -- some of the VN doesn't have that, it truly is the 'Lady's Choice' heh.  

Guy's route is the best (I'm saying this early I haven't played the other two route), it's the perfect story that I've been looking for. I find myself giggling and smiling when I read Guy's route. Mah heart, filled with love hahaha. Now, Guy is one my top Love Interest of all time in VN and choices games. Top 1, if I may add.

JUST. This VN. Simple the best!


this was super fun!! the writing was v. good & appropriate for the atmosphere of the game -- it did feel very austen-esque! i played through all three routes and found them accessible and fun. the romance is very well done too. would LOVE to see a mr. montfort route if you ever decide to update this. overall one of my favorite vns i've played recently :)


The fact that there wasn't an Arabella route seriously left me disappointed.

I legit thought there was going to be one when I started playing.


I know, right? That's literally the reason why I kept rejecting all the guys at the initial ball.


agreed i want an arabella route too

it may be hidden but there should be one.....


Ahhh Guy and Isaac's routes were so good!! I wish I could've punched Huntington myself, but watching Guy punch him was almost as satisfying!


BROOO I just... dang.. just finished Blakes route.... my heart is weak...


One of my favorite historical games! Amazing CG's, writing, routes and artwork! 


I adored this game and I loved all 3 routes. Fantastic writing and it really captured the feeling of the era. Amazing job!


This is one of the most enjoyable romance visual novel that I've read where romance between the MC and other characters are focal points. I can't stress enough that this is one of the best visual novel I've ever read. The art is gorgeous, the MC is absolutely lovable, and the love interests are really fun to read. Anyway, thank you so much for making me very happy by making this visual novel. Keep up the great work!


Man, I would love a Mr. Montfort route if you ever come back to do more with this game.

I've found walkthroughs for stanton and blake but is there one for Amesbury? An official one that is?

Hope this helps c:

Ty so much


I smiled the whole way through the game. I love stuff set in this era. You made my day :)


This is a delightful game. 

I absolutely loved this vn! Beautiful artwork and intriguing storyline. Thank you so much.


I LOVE this VN. It's absolutely charming in everyway and I've completed every route. I honestly wish there were more Georgian Era VNs to be honestly. x


Dear god, I spent HOURS playing ! It's the best visual novel I've ever encountered...It left me grinning like an idiot and I enjoyed every bit of it. While reading the comments, I was quite surprised to find out Amesbury's route was the least favourite, as I found myself quite fond of the witty tongue of his. He was so much fun to be around, I could not resist :) The others routes did also ravish my heart, of course, but in a less enchanting way I must admit.

The writing was a pure delight. This VN is truly a master peace. My apologies for such a rough review, but I'm speechless.


Definitely one of my favorite VNs. I loved the writing most of all, it was a joy to read. Often I found myself scrolling back just to re-read what I thought was a particularly excellent piece of language. I played Stanton's route first, Guy's second, Amesbury's third. And that was the order in which I liked them, ha! 

I have no knowledge whatever of England in that time period, but nothing seemed amiss. I loved the friendship between Arabella and Sophie, and I rooted for her to be with Foxely. They were the cutest couple. I guess I liked Amesbury last because of what happened to Arabella. Stanton was definitely my favorite-I loved him, and his sister and her son. The art was lovely! Overall, an excellent VN. Keep up the good work!


I really loved your VN, the art, music and characters were all done amazingly! I really loved the route with Isaac as well. This was really well done


I love this game so much. Please tell me you will make more routes or another similar game. 


One of my favorite visual novels! The characters and their relationships with the MC are so enchanting, the art is spectacular and the writing gives off the most authentic feel! If anyone is looking for a high quality and guaranteed to deliver Otome novel this is what they've been looking for!


This game blew all my expectations out of the water!! I came into it expecting beautiful art work and a decent  light read and ended my first route with my heart actually racing. The writing was fantastic and perfectly descriptive, the dialogue flowed naturally and that art kept its beauty through the sprites, backgrounds, and cgs! And i don't know much about coding and soundtracks but the game played smoothly and the music fit the tone of the story and setting. The creators were truly talented. 

Okay well that was so fun to play! This reminds me so much of the romance novels I love to read! You did a wonderful job dear! Guy was my favorite because I always go for the tense kind clearly. 

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Hi Sera! 

I've  tried this VN and I got to say that I love it. I only finished Lord Stanton's route and looking forward to trying out the other routes. I LOVE TWC as well so I am looking forward to Book Two! 

Much love! =) 

Edit 1: Just want to add that I love Jane Austen so playing as a lady from that period was a great experience. Like some other people here said, an epilogue would be nice to see. :) 

You've created a really wonderful game. If your goal was to have created a game with the feel of a regency romance novel, then you have succeeded with flying colors. This was a throwback to reading Jane Austen novels and I absolutely loved it. Lord Stanton was personally my favorite and Blake was a close second. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.

I love love so much this novel. I can't un-glue myself from it. So far, I have completed two routes which I found them interesting and addicting especially Lord Stanton which is my favourite :D although I wished for a longer ending but nevertheless I am really satisfied with it. Keep it on and thanks to have given us wonderful stories to enjoy :D


Love love love this visual novel! Swooned over every single on of the male characters. Have to say Blake was my favourite but quite enjoyed Isaac and Laurence as well. 

Also really enjoyed your other one you did, the spirit one. Can’t wait for what you come out with next. 😄

Can hardly wait for a new game by Seraphinite. Really enjoyed this one and Crossroads. 

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