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I've found walkthroughs for stanton and blake but is there one for Amesbury? An official one that is?

Hope this helps c:

Ty so much


I smiled the whole way through the game. I love stuff set in this era. You made my day :)


This is a delightful game. 

I absolutely loved this vn! Beautiful artwork and intriguing storyline. Thank you so much.


I LOVE this VN. It's absolutely charming in everyway and I've completed every route. I honestly wish there were more Georgian Era VNs to be honestly. x


Dear god, I spent HOURS playing ! It's the best visual novel I've ever encountered...It left me grinning like an idiot and I enjoyed every bit of it. While reading the comments, I was quite surprised to find out Amesbury's route was the least favourite, as I found myself quite fond of the witty tongue of his. He was so much fun to be around, I could not resist :) The others routes did also ravish my heart, of course, but in a less enchanting way I must admit.

The writing was a pure delight. This VN is truly a master peace. My apologies for such a rough review, but I'm speechless.


Definitely one of my favorite VNs. I loved the writing most of all, it was a joy to read. Often I found myself scrolling back just to re-read what I thought was a particularly excellent piece of language. I played Stanton's route first, Guy's second, Amesbury's third. And that was the order in which I liked them, ha! 

I have no knowledge whatever of England in that time period, but nothing seemed amiss. I loved the friendship between Arabella and Sophie, and I rooted for her to be with Foxely. They were the cutest couple. I guess I liked Amesbury last because of what happened to Arabella. Stanton was definitely my favorite-I loved him, and his sister and her son. The art was lovely! Overall, an excellent VN. Keep up the good work!


I really loved your VN, the art, music and characters were all done amazingly! I really loved the route with Isaac as well. This was really well done


I love this game so much. Please tell me you will make more routes or another similar game. 


One of my favorite visual novels! The characters and their relationships with the MC are so enchanting, the art is spectacular and the writing gives off the most authentic feel! If anyone is looking for a high quality and guaranteed to deliver Otome novel this is what they've been looking for!


This game blew all my expectations out of the water!! I came into it expecting beautiful art work and a decent  light read and ended my first route with my heart actually racing. The writing was fantastic and perfectly descriptive, the dialogue flowed naturally and that art kept its beauty through the sprites, backgrounds, and cgs! And i don't know much about coding and soundtracks but the game played smoothly and the music fit the tone of the story and setting. The creators were truly talented. 

Okay well that was so fun to play! This reminds me so much of the romance novels I love to read! You did a wonderful job dear! Guy was my favorite because I always go for the tense kind clearly. 

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Hi Sera! 

I've  tried this VN and I got to say that I love it. I only finished Lord Stanton's route and looking forward to trying out the other routes. I LOVE TWC as well so I am looking forward to Book Two! 

Much love! =) 

Edit 1: Just want to add that I love Jane Austen so playing as a lady from that period was a great experience. Like some other people here said, an epilogue would be nice to see. :) 

You've created a really wonderful game. If your goal was to have created a game with the feel of a regency romance novel, then you have succeeded with flying colors. This was a throwback to reading Jane Austen novels and I absolutely loved it. Lord Stanton was personally my favorite and Blake was a close second. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.

I love love so much this novel. I can't un-glue myself from it. So far, I have completed two routes which I found them interesting and addicting especially Lord Stanton which is my favourite :D although I wished for a longer ending but nevertheless I am really satisfied with it. Keep it on and thanks to have given us wonderful stories to enjoy :D


Love love love this visual novel! Swooned over every single on of the male characters. Have to say Blake was my favourite but quite enjoyed Isaac and Laurence as well. 

Also really enjoyed your other one you did, the spirit one. Can’t wait for what you come out with next. 😄

Can hardly wait for a new game by Seraphinite. Really enjoyed this one and Crossroads. 

I adored!!! this!! game!!! you were the developer of regency love, weren't you? my friend gifted the app to me and I cried a lot, but from heart-warmth, haha. thank you so much for your work <3


Actually, I didn't develop Regency Love. That was done by another company :D

But I'm so glad you could enjoy this game too! :) The more Regency romance games the better, right? Hehe!


Eeee!! :D Amesbury and then Isaac were my favourite. Thank you so much for such an amazing game!! eee! SO CHARMING AND SWEET!

I got too frustrated with Guy, haha. :P

Loved it! :D Still squealing now. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't like a epilogue at the end explaining what happens after the ending. D: But great job regardless.

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I'd never played an otome before but someone recommended this one to me and I'm SO glad I checked it out! I had a 12 hour mini-vacation and managed to squeeze in all 3 true-love routes. I regret nothing! I loved that the MC was interesting and spunky and that it was possible to make her feel quite different depending on the dialogue choices. The 3 love interests were fun and satisfying and I enjoyed them all (though Stanton is my favorite, both in looks and character)! Thanks for all your hard work on this! I'm going to download your other game right now. :D

I liked that playing all 3 routes gave you different insights into Arabella's character as well. She was different in each but still clearly the same character. (Also I was a little jealous, because Foxley deserved his name. A fox for sure! Lucky lady.)


Hey I just finished all the True Love routes and I am in awe. 

First I did Captain Blake's route and absolutely love how sweet and gallant he is (he is still mostly my favorite) but it was so exciting I was worried to try the others.  I was thinking, "this was so good, now the others won't seem as good in comparison." 

Then I did Lord Stanton's route and I was so happy to have such a different but still exciting and thrilling story.  So I thought "okay that was also super interesting and fleshed out and amazing, but Mr. Amesbury seems a bit dull, I'm sure he won't be as good."

Then I did his route and I was like "okay these are all amazing and interesting with good plot and interesting characters and romance and excitement".  It was still so good and fit with the whole game but took it in a whole new direction.

I would like to say I am sorry for doubting you because you are amazing at writing these.  Like I was so impressed that each story was so unique and yet still maintaining an interesting story for each.  None of them are boring or feel just thrown in.  And I especially love Arabella and Colonel Foxley always being together and super lovey-dovey, because it really creates a sense of these are all in the same universe, just different paths you take. (And tbh Arabella and Foxley are so cute omg, they both deserve so much happiness together.)  Yeah, I'm sorry if this is really weird or long but I just wanted to say you and your game are amazing and you are so talented.  Thank you for making it. 

I have an ardent love for Jane Austen so playing a game set in her era really appealed to me and I'm glad I played it. I have played through all of the True Love ends and I love it! The choices and stories are wonderful.
Amesbury is my favorite... I enjoy teasing and being teased back. He sort of reminds me of Henry Tilney from Northanger Abbey in some of the scenes here I go assuming everyone has read all of Jane's magnificent novels.
Captain Blake is real sweet and deserves the world. I really, really wanted an option to punch Lord Huntington. I think I would rather marry Mr. Collins than him. Both don't get the hint but at least Collins eventually does and moves on.
Lord Stanton I was uncertain about at first but I loved his route. It was fun yelling at the bad guys and being the hero, bonus points because Isaac didn't become huffy about a woman helping him.


Hi Seraphinite!

This was my first game from and first VN and I absolutely loved it! I find things from the past very fascinating so this definitely was up my alley. 

The only 2 things that bothered me was the mini image of "me" next to the texts all the time. I found that very confusing and had hoped you could turn that off. The other thing I would have liked was being able to change clothes and hairstyles. But I also understand how that can possibly be a bit harder to do. Although I'll still hope that if there is any new game in the works this can be incoorperated somehow. 

Anyway, am already following you and hope to see many more cool vns from you in the future!

Lots of love from Holland! SterreJana

I love love love your work in this and The Crossroads. Your writing style and build up in romance is spot on. Keep it up! :)

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This is the first VN I've ever played, and I just have to say, it's amazing! I did Captain Blake's first and then Amesbury. Maybe I'm not playing it right, but I can't seem to find a proper ending to Stanton's story....I end up where he leaves and then it ends. I'll have to go back and try again. Anyway, well done!

I just finished all three routes and I have to tell you this game was amazing! Not gonna lie, I may have cried once or twice....This is the best otome game I have ever played and I would love to see future expansion on it! Thank you so much for creating such believable, well written, well developed romances and friendships in the game. I adored Arabella and was thrilled when she and Ernest found their happiness :) Thanks again!

I've only done guy's route (true love ending) so far but I'm in love! definitely one of my favourite visual novels i have ever read, I got a little emotional not going to lie, i have green eyes and brown hair so i felt like guy was talking about me! >< I'm very much a fan of period stories but i think you are right in not fussing over being exact, as it's more about the characters and romance! definitely going to play all the route's though, thank you!!! <3 I was thinking about all the different ways guy would court, maybe a poem or two :)


I absolutely loved  Isaac's route!

I had my doubts; his goatee gave me an uncomfortable vibe not unlike my first impression of a certain goatee-wearing gardener in a certain house...

but ohmagahhhh he is irresistable! His smooth charm, honesty, protectiveness and sense of responsibility surprised and delighted me hahaha! Whenever I was reading, I imagined him having a sort of husky, low voice that would have driven my MC crazy~

Oh, I started Guy first. Those quiet, shy ones always attract my attention first. His looks aren't that bad either~ He is a sinnamon roll and a sparkling  gem, I tell you. (especially that blindfolded gaME HOW DARE YOU MAKE HIM STEAL MY HEART, RIP IT INTO TWO AND HEAL IT BACK WITH ALL THAT SWEET-TALKING UUUGHUHGUHG)

I liked Amesbury the least? Made sense, since he was more playful compared to Guy and Isaac. A bit miffed that his actions eventually led to Arabella's injury. I can't stop feeling frsutrated that most of the negative consequences are avoidable? But then he wouldn't have gotten his route after all.

Aaaaanyway, I can't believe you made most of this game from scratch. Artist, programmer, writer??? And all for free???


But seriously. How did you find time during your time in school to self-teach yourself all this?


I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D Thank you for playing it!

you are my friend forever now. HUG ME ! XD (seriously this is an amazing game i called Stanton a reincarnation of Jesus XD except this dude you actually got to kiss lololol X3)

Hi em somehow I couldn't play the game on my Mac. I did download the Mac version but I saw the games avatar was the ren'py avatar. is it because I have the ren'py software


That's odd :/ It should play fine, even with Ren'py software on your computer. Hm, I'm not sure what the problem could be as I don't own a Mac.

Not sure why it would switch the avatar to the Ren'py logo. Is there an error message when you try to start the game?

Sorry for the trouble!


I kinda fell in love with this game. I already got all true love endings. It's greatly written and i hope it will expand in future. I have to say this is one of my favourites otome by far. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a lovely comment! And, quite the compliment that it's one of your favourites :)

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much I adore everything about this game!
The art is great, it is well written, the time period is everything, and I REALLY like that you can choose you own way to respond to stuff without it necessarly having an impact on the outcome - it makes it easier to identify with the MC, and makes the whole experience more realistic.
Moreover I really like that it's not very hard to end op with the "good" ending (I've played/read some other VN's where I didn't end up with the ending I wanted and had to go back which just ruins it a bit for me).  
And last but not least I fell completely and utterly in love with Guy :D
Like I mean... jeez... heh heh.
I really like his story, his broodyness, his looks, and the sensitive fellow underneath. I also really loved how well he responded to my humourous answers. He just has so many layers that one.
I also played Staton's route which was sweet, and will of couse play Amesbury's soon!
After I finished this VN I found out you made another (Crossroads), and I just finished that one as well. Reeeally great!! A whole different setting but still loved it, and the character customization was a nice touch!
Lastly I just have to compliment you on your overall ability to write men that I absolutely love. I mean I'm a bit difficult to impress but both VN's left me with a stupid grin on my face seriously wanting those goddamn men. I mean... where can I get myself a Guy or a Lucan in real life??? :D 
So... this ended up really long but I just had to let you know my appreciation of your work. And I REALLY hope you're planning/working on more projects!?
- Regnvand

Oh wow! Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment :D It's so motivating to know that people are enjoying what I create!

I am currently working on an interactive fiction, The Wayhaven Chronicles- quite a different format than visual novels, but still having fun writing it :)

I loved this so much! My favorite route is Amesbury's but I did love Guy and Stanton too! 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Amesbury was quiet different to write than the others, so it's nice he still appealed :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Hello! Very good and interesting game! I only played Amesbury Route, i liked him so much,  quite particular person in that environment, progressive and more "human" but when i discovered (SPOILER)he was the bandit and basically stoled the protagonist first kiss with a blackmail of sorts, i could not in good coscience keep romancing him and so i got the bad ending after i refused to forgive him. I don't know if i will play other routes, however again, good game! congratulations

Thank you so much for trying it out and leaving a comment! I'm really glad you managed to enjoy the parts you played to that certain point :) I hope the bad ending suited... they're always the toughest to write!

Oh jesus, I loved this.

I've only played the Amesbury route as it was what attracted me right off the bat, but I'm extremely excited to play the other ones.  The writing in this piece is very elegent and had me sucked in from the first sentence. I believe there is one spelling mistake during the route, towards the end, I think Laurence's sentence should be "a sentiment I share", but it says "I sentiment I share".   Not sure, please don't take offense, as this is a lovely piece.

 Thank you so much for weaving this tale. <3

Aah, thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it :)  I really tried to make the writing style fit the theme of the VN, whilst also making it easy for a modern audience to read.

(Also, urgh about the spelling error! Thought I'd managed to catch them all! Thank you for that :D ).

The Lady's Choice has made me soo emotional holy cheese. I admit I had a lot of feels for these characters. Each were so unique in personality and how they interacted. I admit Guy was frustrating at times but such a gentle person. I can't wait to start Amesbury's route right away! Also, "The Crossroads" is next on my list for sure XD

I'm so glad it drew you in and had you feeling the emotions :D Writing the different guys was fun, and it's nice they were appealing!

I hope you enjoy The Crossroads if you get a chance to play it :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment!

I love Amesbury's route, he's my favourite >///< And I love the MC so much and her relation with Arabella

English isn't my first language so sorry for my english xD

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Especially Amesbury, as he was great fun to write :D

(Your English was perfect!)

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WHOA! New updates! Amesbury's route! <3 It's a nice surprise because I was away for a long time :')

Thank you very much, you made my day~ :D

I'll post another comment after I played it :D


And finally I replayed all the routes since your game is so great and I couldn't help it... kinda missed Lord Stanton and Captain Blake anyway so lol. Amesbury is a very fun guy, he is unique, I just don't like his 'part-time job' at night lol :P, but it was great route to play, nonetheless! Thank you for the new route and the game! <3 <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed it enough you wanted to replay through the other routes too! Thank you so much for playing it, and for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment :)

I was so excited to play your new route when I got an email from, and I was not the least bit disappointed. Thank you so much for your work!

Well, thank you for playing it and for leaving such a lovely comment :D I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the route!

This game is absolutely amazing! I had to play all story paths!!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

thank you for such a lovely game! :) are you planning anymore updates in the future? :D


The Lady's Choice is completed, so no more updates. But, it's so nice to know that people enjoyed it so much they want more :D

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